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Employee Engagement: Making

       the world a better place to work

       Thursday 17th January 2019

       Event Details

       An interactive day exploring the importance   Participants will:
       and value of employee engagement. Learning   1.  Understand  the  power  of  employee
       from  a  decade  of  research  with  worldwide      engagement and understand how it can
       organisations we explore how employee      unlock the potential of your own people
       engagement has changed. We will consider   2.  Appreciate the impact of disengagement
       the  impact  of  technology  and  the  pace  of      and the choices organisations have
       change as well as sharing tools and techniques   3.  Explore how employee engagement can
       that have helped organisations become great      positively impact the health and wellbeing
       places to work.                         of your workforce
                                            4.  Realise the importance of getting employee
       You will engage with a multi award winning law      engagement right in order to help ‘future
       firm  and a  specialist employee  engagement      proof’ organisations
       agency to learn about harnessing the power of
       storytelling in business and gain insights in how   5.  Learn how to apply some practical tools
       to create a culture and working practices that      and techniques to develop an aligned,
       will power your organisation to future success.  engaged  and,  therefore,  productive
       Target audience
       Everyone who has responsibility for people and / or developing strategies for a successful future

       Venue & Time

       Penrith Conference Centre, Winters Park, Penrith  CA11 8RQ
       9.00am to 3.00pm

       Member:       £35 – early bird £25
       Non-Member:  £45 – early bird £35
       Student:      £25 – early bird £15                        Refreshments:
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